Hello. My name is Alfredo Machin (CircleOf14 on most boards). I live in Elizabeth, NJ. My earliest memory of programming was typing some lines of code on my Commodore VIC-20 and turning the keyboard into a mini piano, allowing me to play musical notes with the number keys. I was probably 6 years old at the time. I also remember wanting to make video games ever since I played my first one which was Night Driver on Atari 2600 (it still looks so cool to me!). I started taking programming seriously when I graduated high school and fell head over heels madly in love when I discovered Microsoft’s C# language and .NET framework.

Check out the games I’m currently working on here.

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  1. Hi Alfredo,
    I am Nelson your cousin from Ecuador (Sonia Benitez son), I am currently on Lafayette, IN. Can you please send me an email with your phone? my mom is visiting me, hope you are doing find?
    best regards

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