Porting your Windows XNA game to MacOS using MonoGame and MonoMac Part 3

If you still have build errors at this point, read on. I’m going to cover some runtime tweaks that might deal with your issue. If you have no build errors then I’m sure you’re dying to run the app. And you probably should to get a feel for what’s going on. But chances are that trying to Run the app is going to give you lots of runtime errors. So maybe take a look at some changes I had to make before you try to Run. But please only apply these changes if you encounter problems and always debug and break your original game on Windows to confirm correct values if necessary:
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Porting your Windows XNA game to MacOS using MonoGame and MonoMac Part 1

Edit May 25, 2012 – Start

A LOT has changed since I first wrote this guide. The versions of MonoGame, MonoDevelop and Mono Framework are different enough now to cause some confusion when reading this guide. I don’t have the time to do a full re-write especially considering that things are going to continue to keep changing, but if you encounter a problem please do not hesitate to post your question in the comments section. I will do my best to help out. You can also check out the existing comments to find solutions to some discrepancies or just visit the MonoGame and MonoMac forums. Thanks!

Edit May 25, 2012 – End


This guide has a total of 4 parts. If you have a 2D Windows XNA game or engine that you would like to port over to MacOS, you should strongly consider using the MonoGame and MonoMac frameworks. Before I found out about MonoGame and MonoMac, I started porting from scratch using Objective C and Cocoa and it was a disaster. Perhaps it might have been much easier for someone familiar with Objective C and Cocoa, but for someone like me who had no experience whatsoever with the language or the API it was…sad…to say the least. Probably would’ve taken me months had I followed through. And even if I was an Objective C and Cocoa master I’m still guessing it would’ve taken about a month of work. That’s when MonoGame and MonoMac swooped in to save the day and I had my game running 99% correctly in just a few hours. This will be a guide to get that 99% going for you and also hopefully finishing out that final 1%. Thanks to Dominique (CarteBlanche) for adding video to the project and super dooper special thanks to Kenneth (kjpou1) for fixing all the issues I found when I started with MonoGame. If it wasn’t for him this guide would be 10 times longer! Ok, let’s get started!

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